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Transition in Research Facilities & Infrastructure - August, 2013

Dr. Jon Harrison, who served as Assistant ...

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Dr. Jon Harrison, who served as Assistant Vice President, Research Infrastructure & Facilities for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development for the last four years, is transitioning out of his administrative role in OKED to devote full-time efforts to his growing research portfolio and SOLS faculty position. OKED appreciates his years of service to the organization and the progress made under his leadership.
As of August 16, 2013, the Facilities and Infrastructure team reports to Tamara Deuser as part of OKED Operations. The continued focus of this group will be supporting the advancement of facilities and infrastructure to further ASU's research enterprise.

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MTW Solar Systems - April, 2013

If you've driven by the Research Park rece...

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If you've driven by the Research Park recently, you may have noticed the new shaded parking at MacroTechnology Works (MTW).  The 221 shaded parking spaces represent about half of a one-megawatt (MWdc) solar system. The remainder of the system is located on the MTW rooftop.  The MTW systems consist of 3,443 Canadian Solar and Trina Solar panels and six Advanced Energy inverters.  The entire solar system was recently installed by ASU’s Solarization program in Facilities Development and Management and is expected to produce nearly 1.8 million kWh annually for the facility.  The solar generating capacity of one MWdc averts 965 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (MT CO2e) per year from the atmosphere; the equivalent of removing 189 passenger vehicles from Arizona roads each year.

This third-party owned solar system was facilitated, in part, by Salt River Project's (SRP) EarthWise Commercial Energy Incentive program.  For more information, visit the ASU Solarization website:

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The National Science Foundation Survey

The FY2011 Survey of Science and Engineeri...

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The FY2011 Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities Part 1: Research Space, and Part 2: Computing and Networking Capacity were completed in January. Every two years, research institutions volunteer data based on NSF research groups and definitions. Data from the survey is available for use by ASU and other institutions for decision and policy making. Based on the definitions and research groups provided by the NSF, ASU reported a total of 847,836 net sq/ft of research space at the end of fiscal year 2011. This represents an approximately 35% increase from 2009 results.

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys have been co...

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Customer satisfaction surveys have been completed for some facilities and groups, and future surveys will further our understanding of what works well with OKED facilities and identify areas that can be improved upon. We look forward to the continued cooperation from OKED building occupants on future surveys.

MTW Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary

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Investments in Research Facilities

For the past decade, Arizona State University has been aggressively growing its research and instructional enterprises, so much so, that the pace has been far faster than the State of Arizona could respond to by providing capital funds for buildings and facilities.  ASU has accomplished this growth by developing new funding models to achieve its goals.  Specifically, ASU has financed the construction, operations and maintenance of over 1.4 million gross square feet of research buildings, representing a 50% increase in laboratory space since 2002, using a portion of the indirect costs from research grants that can be used for capital investment. As President Crow stated, these state-of-the art research buildings are truly built and paid for by the “talent and wit of our faculty”.  OKED also supports core services such as animal care facilities, electron microscopes and high-performance computers.  For FY 2013 we estimate that OKED support for research facilities debt service will exceed 12 million dollars, and that support for research building O&M will exceed 11 million dollars.  These investments in facilities and infrastructure represent approximately 30% of the total OKED F&A budget.


Who Pays for What Costs in Research Facilities?

For about half of the newer research buildings, bond repayments come from the OKED budget. For most of the newer research buildings at ASU operational and maintenance costs are also paid by OKED. These payments from OKED cover all utilities and core building maintenance. In general, departments or individual investigators assigned research space in these buildings cover costs of renovations or repairs of interior assigned space, costs of data and phone, and maintenance/ operating costs of supporting research equipment such as autoclaves.

Who Pays for What